Friday, April 15, 2016

002. Champagne Pop Gyaru-sa ☆

Recently my gyaru-sa has changed it's name from NEON to Champagne Pop (like the illuminator!) 

The name change came from wanting something that fit a broader range of styles since we have many different substyles within the same group. Along with our name change, we picked up two new members! I think it's really great that everyone in our circle is comfortable with one another, because it really fosters our interpersonal relationships. No one is afraid to ask for help, and everyone is ready to help when asked!

We had a meet at Round 1 in Bloomingdale and took purikura and did karaoke, which was really fun then went back to my apartment to crash. Hopefully we have another meet really soon!


  1. I love your gyaru sa name! Your purikura looks so fun <3

    1. Thank you! I think it fits us well!
      It was hard to fit more than one person in the booth, but we tried!