Thursday, July 21, 2016

004. Short Update

I'm not good at blogging lol.

A lot has been going on as far a gyaru-sa activities and wedding planning!

My gyaru-sa recently changed it's name from "NEON" to "Champagne Pop". We felt like it really captured the feel of our group well, and of course we LOVE the highlighter by the same name. This weekend my gyaru-sa is going having a big meet here in Chicago and I'm really excited! We will finally be 100% together! I promise I will write a blog post about it!

As far as wedding planning goes...
We finally picked a wedding venue and it is *gorgeous*!!

We've chosen the Garfield Park Conservatory in our city for our ceremony and reception, so now it's really crunch time!

I also bought my dress! I can't wait to be able to show everyone.

I promise to take lots of pictures this weekend and to make a massive post or two about the weekend! I also promise I'll post more... For real this time!