Sunday, May 7, 2017

006. Unexpected Hiatus & Updates!

Hey! Long time no see!

I took a pretty long hiatus from updating this blog last year, as my life got really crazy really fast and I've only just now finally got everything to calm down! It's looking like I'll finally have the time to update regularly, so I'm back!

Some major updates!

My gyaru-sa has changed it's name from Champagne Pop to 200PROOF

I decided to go ahead with a rebranding/name change because the name "Champagne Pop" never quite fit us as a group. I think it was perfect for Lisha but it didn't quite fit the rest of us!
I chose 200PROOF because 200 Proof Alcohol is 100% alcohol! Yes, I love to drink but that's besides the point!

I want every gal that joins our circle to always give 100%! Effort, love, friendship; I want them to give 100% of themselves everyday! We also had a sort of open call for local gyaru lovers and welcomed 8 new members, which is AMAZING!
We are treating 200PROOF as an incubator circle for new and burgeoning gyaru! It's a place where they can ask for all the help they need and they'll have more experienced gals to help them through whatever steps they need.

Something interesting is that were you to drink some awful drink that was 200 proof, you'd either die or black out...

And our event team is now named BLACKOUT

BLACKOUT is a unit that consists of most of our older members; the ones who are dedicated to spreading the love of gyaru fashion in Chicago and holding club nights and panels at local anime conventions! It's also our paralist team ;)

Another huge life update is I recently became employed with JP Morgan & Chase! I have finally fulfilled my dreams of being a cute office girl and now Aggretsuko and I are one soul.
I don't really have all the free time I want but it's nice to be able to afford all of the fun things I want to do and wear, plus more!

Past that, everything is pretty much the same, I've been working on my make and getting better and better with each try!

I have some exciting things coming up and I can't wait to share them with you! <3 p="">

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  1. Love the new name! I think it is very gal spirit and cool and it suits u guys!����
    Plus, your makeup.. I'm blown away every time.